Craft fair displays

So. we need to talk about Pinterest. I have a minor addiction, one that gives me away whenever I have painsomnia (look it up people, it’s real) as you will find I have pinned 73 things overnight when normal people are sound asleep. One of my favourite boards is where I have gathered together all of my favourite pictures of craft fair displays for indspiration. One day I will get my stall just right, but for now it involves masking tape, my coffee table, some 2″x 4″ and a pashmina.

Zebra creations stall


Until I perfect mine, here are what I aspire to…


This is great – busy but not overwhelming, nice clear sign, good use of levels and lots of gorgeous colours.


I love this way of displaying jewellery – adds character and make them remember your stall.


Something I struggle with is making it clear what my stall sells – if I was able to incorporate signage into display shelving as well as this I’d rule the world!


What I love about this is the consistency. You just know that is her Etsy banner. Only downside is not being able to see over it…


I love the colour of this stall. So many stalls stick to neutrals to avoid clashes – this embraces them and so stands out from the crowd.


This is the dream –  it includes bunting, fairy lights and vintage suitcases. Although it is probably a bit too girly for me, I could certainly put my own twist on it. No idea what I’d use the suitcases fro though!

I hope I have inspired you and I would love to hear what you think about my stall, the ones I’ve chosen or even your own!