Craft fairs & prices

So I am doing the Artisans in the Palm House on Sunday and I’m actually feeling nervous. All of the makers and artists that have been shared by the organisers are stunning and I am feeling more than I little insecure about what I make and even how I display it. See, the problem is, that when you start setting up a business like this you have to shell out an awful lot of cash for materials and all of a sudden you reach critical mass. If you don’t start to make some back once you hit it, then it starts to get a little scary and you second guess everything. You tell yourself this is what you’re worrying about, but in reality you have put a little bit of your heart and soul into your makes so, if people don’t like them enough to buy them, then you actually feel rejected! 

It’s hard not to think about dropping prices in the hope of increasing sales but I did a lot of reading before launching this business and realised pretty soon that I would not only set myself up for trouble if and when the business takes off but also do other makers a disservice if I didn’t price my goods with respect to both my time and material costs. So, if something appears expensive, just think how much time must have been put into the item! 

Here’s hoping for a successful fair.