Weighted blankets

I make these to order as they are very personal and also very large! Many people with anxiety and sensory processing issues, especially those on the autistic spectrum, find having weighted covers helpful for calming themselves during times of stress or to aid restful sleep. They provide sensory feedback and can help relax muscles. I use a variety of material depending on the way you wish to use the blanket – the one pictured is not washable, as it was intended to be personalised and used as a lap blanket so less likely to get dirty. If, for example, you wanted a larger blanket for overnight use then I would recommend less personalisation and the creation of a washable cover. Get in touch to talk about what you would like and how we can work together to create the perfect weighted blanket for you or your child!

weighted lap blanket personalised

Prices starts from £15 for a 12″x 20″ plain lap blanket, rising with the level of decoration required, up to £60 for a sleep blanket with washable cover.