Spoonie Planners

One of the hardest things about living with chronic pain is working within your limits and pacing yourself. Many people describe this as Spoon Theory and there are a wealth of website and groups for ‘Spoonies’ to talk, support each other and swap stories. Well, I have to live within my spoons too, so I came up with a weekly planner to help me pace myself when working. You can order the planner to print for yourselves for just £1 – I will email it to you – or you can purchase it as part of one of our quilted organisers. The quilted organisers can be  made to order with any of the prints currently in the ‘available’ section of the website. You can also order a custom planner to reflect the sort of tasks or activities you do – get in touch here to chat about your ideas!Quilted organiser 1

Quilted organiser 2

spoonie planner png