Heat packs

large wrap - laura ashley style printWheat or rice pillows are widely available but every time i bought one, it would clump down to the bottom, heating the sofa more than me! They would never really fit the joint I wanted to look after either and they eventually ended up sitting in a drawer unused. With this in mind, I designed the rice pillows to have sections, ensuring that the heat was evenly distributed, as well as often adding straps so that they stay put!

Filled with either an uplifting combination of rosemary and basil, or relaxing lavender and rosemary, a 90 second blast in the microwave gives at least 30 minutes comfort. You can also store them in the freezer to have 30 mins of cold, if you are prone to inflammation. As with all products, take a look at our available materials page to see what material you can have your pillow made in. You can choose from comfy brushed cotton with pretty embellishment or printed cotton covers that can be removed and washed. Sizes are from 4″ boo boobags to 20″ neck pillows. You can order whichever size will best suit your particular aches and pains. Either pop us a message to order a custom pillow or head to our Etsy shop to buy one ready made.



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